A unique culinary experience

One-to-One or Small group workshop

Every can cook. Cooking should be fun, relaxing and stress-free.

No prior experience is necessary – just enthusiasm and a desire to cook!

I provide unique workshops to give you a broader level of culinary knowledge. You won’t just learn to make a few dishes. You’ll learn to apply your new knowledge and feel confident using any ingredient, cooking any cuisine and developing your own recipes. Continue reading “A unique culinary experience”

Life changing healthy cooking

One-to-One intensive workshop

If you are interested in this kind of intensive workshop find out more here…

Past workshop:
Ilse and her partner are very busy professionals. They used to cook very little and brought mainly convenience food. Due to unexpected illness they needed to change their life style. I spent with Ilse 10 inspiring and motivating days giving her an injection boost of knowledge on food and healthy cooking.
Testimonials ― Ilse Jurrien, Netherlands