Fine dining „Dinner-4-12“

“Antiques & Wine” shop owned by Astrid Zinniel at Castle Halbturn near Vienna (Austria) needed to capture curious visitors more. Many visitors had anxiety of buying admired fine antique objects, as they could not dare or even imagine to use them in every day life.

The project named „Dinner-4-12“ was designed to bridge the dining experience using various antiques items from the shop and show visitors how to use them when plating or serving food.

I have developed and started the project in early 2016 and personally run until end of 2017. The project turned to be successful and in high demand. I passed on the project in 2018 to local chefs to present their own culinary art.
Ref. „Dinner 4 12“ im Antikes & Wein

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Little plates of heaven

Little plates of heaven is a fine food using the best of ingredients & modern cooking techniques with a little touch of molecular gastronomy for you to make your occasion unforgettable.

Home-made Christmas Cookies (Weihnachtsbäckerei)

Here is a selection of Home-made Christmas Cookies (Weihnachtsbäckerei) that are available to order upon request.


Mirepoix (a French cooking term [meer-pwah]) is a mixture of finely chopped/diced vegetables used to enhance flavor of a dish. It can be raw, roasted or sautéed with butter or oil. The purpose of mirepoix is to give a subtle background flavor or it serve as a base to a wide variety of dishes, such as stocks, soups, stews and sauces. Continue reading “Mirepoix”

A unique culinary experience

One-to-One or Small group workshop

Every can cook. Cooking should be fun, relaxing and stress-free.

No prior experience is necessary – just enthusiasm and a desire to cook!

I provide unique workshops to give you a broader level of culinary knowledge. You won’t just learn to make a few dishes. You’ll learn to apply your new knowledge and feel confident using any ingredient, cooking any cuisine and developing your own recipes. Continue reading “A unique culinary experience”

Life changing healthy cooking

One-to-One intensive workshop

If you are interested in this kind of intensive workshop find out more here…

Past workshop:
Ilse and her partner are very busy professionals. They used to cook very little and brought mainly convenience food. Due to unexpected illness they needed to change their life style. I spent with Ilse 10 inspiring and motivating days giving her an injection boost of knowledge on food and healthy cooking.
Testimonials ― Ilse Jurrien, Netherlands

Radio talk: Food Styling

Hands on experience of Food Styling at Radio-FM before talk with moderator Ms. Lucia Cibulová

I was invited by moderator Ms. Lucia Cibulová to talk about Food Styling at RadioFM.

Listen to my live radio talk with Ms. Lucia Cibulová that was on 14.03.2013 RadioFM – Bratislava (SR) (in Slovak language)

Food presentation goes beyond the arrangement of finished ingredients on a plate. It is a very important part of the dining experience, because we eat with our eyes first.

I like to style and present food for what it is and how it can really be cooked and plated. When taking food photos, I refuse to cheat or enhance food by using well known industry tricks and I only do very minimal post processing.

If you are in need of any food styling & photography – simply ask me.

I’d like to say big thanks for continuous support with my photography to

Corporate Team-Building Activities

Party that unites teams!

My hands-on corporate cooking team-building activities encourage: group bonding, improving communication, helping with project management and foster camaraderie while whipping up fun in the kitchen! The “a-ha” moment will happen to everyone.

Having over a decade of experience in people management, I have a team-building activities for everyone! I will customise the event to fit your needs.

Here is one example:

Sandwich making competition

Did you know that Dr Mark Hadley, researcher at the University of Warwick’s Department of Physics, has created a mathematical formula for creating the perfect sandwich?

Are you dare to follow his mathematical formula?

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Corporate Events

“Eating together can radically shift people’s perspectives: It reduces people’s perceptions of inequality, and diners tend to view those of different races, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds as more equal than they would in other social scenarios:” Argues Alice Julier in her book Eating Together.

The table acts as a unifier, a place of community. Sharing a meal is an excuse to talk, one of the few times where people are truly happy. Why not using this powerful tool to your advantage.

Whether it is to reward employees’ performances, channel partners and customer loyalty… I offer an original tailor-made evet to suit your requirements and your budget. Continue reading “Corporate Events”

How-to cook rice

I noticed that so many people struggle to cook rice. And I read many not very helpful recipes and how-to’s. Even instructions on the rice pack for some unexplainable reason don’t work for me.

Worldwide there are 40,000 varieties of rice…  well, I use only one method that always works and it is so far foolproof. I buy and cook mainly few types of long grain rice with this method – basmati with wild rice, basmati, Thai and jasmine. Continue reading “How-to cook rice”



In Czech or Slovakia the lucky ones usually inherit traditional Christmas gingerbread recipe in a family.

Traditionally they are baked well ahead, as they are very hard and they need time to soften up.

For those who are less lucky and still looking for a modern version „ready to eat – no wait“ gingerbread recipe – here is one well-tested.

This recipe is good for gingerbread decorations, larger shapes and houses.  You need to plan ahead with this recipe as gingerbread dough should rest for a minimum 2 hours or best over night in the fridge.
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Pepparkakor – Swedish Christmas Gingersnaps

Spicy Pepparkakor with Orange & Black pepper
Spicy Pepparkakor with Orange & Black pepper
Pepparkakor (gingersnaps) are a traditional Christmas treat in Sweden. Early history of Pepparkakor is uncertain, because there is no reliable evidence.

Honey in cakes can be traced back to the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans. They believed that honey, the only sweetener widely available to them, was a gift of the deities and had magical and healing powers. Honey cakes were also worn as a talisman in battle or as protection against evil spirits.

The Spice Trade brought to table spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper, and turmeric. In the Middle Ages, pepper was a luxury item and thus it would be natural at least to me, that pepper was used in cakes at very special occasions.

You need to plan ahead with this recipe as Pepparkakor dough should rest for a minimum 2 hours or best over night in the fridge. This recipe is best for smaller shapes. Continue reading “Pepparkakor – Swedish Christmas Gingersnaps”