Fine dining „Dinner-4-12“

“Antiques & Wine” shop owned by Mag. Astrid Zinniel at Castle Halbturn near Vienna (Austria) needed to capture curious visitors more. Many visitors had anxiety of buying admired fine antique objects, as they could not dare or even imagine to use them in every day life.

The project named „Dinner-4-12“ was designed to bridge the dining experience using various antiques items from the shop and show visitors how to use them when plating or serving food.

I have developed and started the project in early 2016 and personally run until end of 2017. The project turned to be successful and in high demand. I passed on the project in 2018 to local chefs to present their own culinary art.

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A sandwich making competition

Party that unites teams!

Having years of experience in people management, I have a created hands-on corporate cooking team-building activities to encourage group bonding, improving communication, helping with project management and foster camaraderie while whipping up fun in the kitchen! One of the example is a sandwich making competition.

Did you know that Dr Mark Hadley, researcher at the University of Warwick’s Department of Physics, has created a mathematical formula for creating the perfect sandwich? Continue reading “A sandwich making competition”

Corporate fine food events

“Eating together can radically shift people’s perspectives: It reduces people’s perceptions of inequality, and diners tend to view those of different races, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds as more equal than they would in other social scenarios:” Argues Alice Julier in her book Eating Together.

The table acts as a unifier, a place of community. Sharing a meal is an excuse to talk, one of the few times where people are truly happy. I decided to use this powerful tool to our advantage. The catering and restaurants were not presentable well enough in the near vicinity of our office. Further during financial crisis I wanted to impress our guests, partners and clients and more so, cut the cost. I decided to take matter into my own hand and I have created an original tailor-made fine food to suit our requirements and budget directly in our office. Continue reading “Corporate fine food events”

Home-made Christmas Cookies

Here is my international selection of home-made Christmas Cookies (Weihnachtsbäckerei) for inspiration.

Little plates of heaven

Radio talk: Food Styling

I was invited by moderator Ms. Lucia Cibulová to talk about Food Styling at RadioFM.

Listen to my live radio talk with Ms. Lucia Cibulová that was on 14.03.2013 RadioFM – Bratislava (SR) (in Slovak language)

Food presentation goes beyond the arrangement of finished ingredients on a plate. It is a very important part of the dining experience, because we eat with our eyes first.

Hands on experience of Food Styling at Radio-FM before talk with moderator Ms. Lucia Cibulová

I like to style and present food for what it is and how it can really be cooked and plated. When taking food photos, I refuse to cheat or enhance food by using well known industry tricks and I only do very minimal post processing.

Flori from United Kingdom – Testimonial

Kristina is a very passionate cook with a great eye for detail and a wide base of knowledge as a result of her experimental nature. The perfect cook to help you gain confidence in anything from impressing the guest dinner parties, to a base of good hearty home cooking for a busy family.

Her experience, time spent in England and interest in a wide range of cuisine means that Kristina can teach you in a style that suits you. Another talent of Kristina’s is a good palate for wine giving her the ability to add the finishing touch to the perfect meal suggestions.
― Flori Johnson-Maisonneuve (UK) – Chef 

Ilse from Netherlands – Testimonial

You have truly inspired me to start cooking. And maybe even more important, you helped me to start healthy cooking. It all starts by realizing what you put in your mouth. It’s so easy to get spiced chicken from the supermarket and just cook or bake it. But you taught me how to make my own herbs. And how to make a complete tasteful dinner without all the added ingredients. You truly changed my way of looking at food and how to prepare it. Thank you very much.
― Ilse Jurrien (Netherlands)

Dr. Olbricht from Austria – Testimonial

Liebe Kristina, dear Kristina,

schon lange wollte ich Dir schreiben, wie sehr ich Deine Art des Kochens schätze und bewundere; immer sind die verschiedenen Gerichte vorzüglich abgeschmeckt, sind in herrlichen Kombinationen mit Salaten und Gewürzen und auch die Getränke und die Deserts reihen sich zu einem wunderbaren Gesamtbild ein.

Alleine die Hühnerleberpastete, die Du zum Sylvesterabend zubereitet hast, habe ich heute noch in meinem Gaumen und die darauf folgende Schokoladen Torte und die Brownies haben das alles ( als Hauptgericht gab es Fondue Chinoise ) wunderbar ergänzt.

Ein Abendessen bei gemeinsamen Freunden habe ich auch noch in Erinnerung:

Als entree gab es sehr frisch schmeckende canapees mit prawns und frischen Erbsen ( prawns on pea and mint fritters ) darauf folgte eines der besten Hühnergerichte, das ich je gegessen habe, ein Schmetterlingshuhn mit Zitronenbutter ( chicken spatchock), das so zart und saftig geschmeckt hat , dass es auf der Zunge einfach zergangen ist.

Die hausgemachten Wildschweinwürstel mit Kartoffelsalat und einem Senfdressing und karamelisierten Zwiebeln passten dann auch dazu und Deine Deserts sind so wie so unschlagbar – die Zitronen Meringue Torte und die abschliessenden verschiedenen Sorbets von von Erdbeere über Apfelpfefferminz bis zu Schokoladen und verschiedenen Eiscremes war alles dabei. Und alles hat wunderbar geschmeckt und wurde immer begleitet von herrlichen Weinen aus dem Burgenland.

Ganz liebe Grüße B.
― Dr. Bernd Olbricht (Austria)

Martin from Slovakia – Testimonial

I’m really happy that I met Kristina and had the opportunity to taste some of her culinary art. It’s real pleasure to see and to taste what she cooks, ’cause this is the real difference between food and an art. She uses only quality ingredients, and all she does is visually appealing so you get all your senses fed. For example the chocolate cake I had the pleasure to see and eat, was awesome, it’s kind of experience you remember for a long long time. The ingredients she uses are top notch, dark chocolate, consistent, so visually appealing, even remembering it is great.

Also this chicken liver pate she makes, is something so different. If I visit the high end posh restaurants I have to still compare to culinary art Kristina does.

I love the precision and dedication she puts to all what she cooks and the aesthetic of it all, what she does is really artistic and I can’t wait to have some more from her kitchen and I really like to thank her for setting the level for this art so high.
― Martin Kukan (Slovakia)

Lucie from Czech Republic – Testimonial

Vaření Kristiny je jako jízda po safari. Operuje se surovinami, které dobře znáte stejně jako záběry savany z filmových dokumentů. Ale celková skladba, kterou dokáže postavit je stejně nová a intentivní jako skutečný zážitek, když si na cestě před vaším jeepem ustele lev. Kdo se jednou vrátí z výpravy po Kristýnině jídle, nebude už uspokojovat touhu po dobrodružství “sledováním plátna či obrazovky”.
―  Lucie Rozumová (Czechia)

Graphic design & 3D paper engineering

papersculpture_wineseries1(a6)Here are only very few samples of my work I managed to take photo of, that I created throughout the years of 1992-2000. I enjoy paper engineering, paper sculpture, pop ups, 3D paper folding… I designed and hand-made a low volume highly individual pieces such us: promotional materials, folders, business & wedding stationery, invitations, Christmas cards, product catalogues, restaurant menus… Continue reading “Graphic design & 3D paper engineering”

Why Yagaberry

We have been brainstorming for a project name and “Yagaberry” amongst many was one that I liked. Later the name was free to use as it was not selected for the project. It is a combination of two words ‘yaga’ and ‘berry’. To me it represents a magic or a wise berry.

“Berry” doesn’t need an explanation and “yaga” is a name in Slavic myths for Baba Yaga, an old woman and a supernatural being. I have never perceived Baba Yaga as negative character. To me she was always magical.

This is my tribute to wise women called Yaga that lived long time ago and their names and status were tarnish by invention of evil and witches.

Ref. Origins of Baba-Yaga
In many ancient societies, older women were seen as the keepers of wisdom and tradition for the family or tribe. No longer having to care for children, they became mother to the rest of the community. It was believed that these wise women understood the mysteries of birth and death. They were healers and looked after the dying. Sometimes they were thought to have the power of life and death itself. The word witch once meant wise.

Later, from the 12th century, when people began to believe in the use of magic power for evil, people began to fear and hate these wise women with their potions and advice. Many were put to death and the picture of the wise woman or ‘witch’ changed, to become the frightening, ugly, evil old hag, casting wicked spells, as in the stories today.