A little something about me

Kristina NesslI’d like to share with you the joy of eating together. Eating together gives connection with loved ones, a feeling of home and a deep sense of belongings. All my life I’ve been drawn to the kitchen by the shared feelings of joy and comfort that come from preparing a great meal.

I’ve been cooking, baking and creating things by hand practically as long as I can remember. Therefore I choose to present myself and remain very much a self-taught cook. I like elegance and simplicity and I believe less is usually more…

I am inspired by work of Thomas Keller – The French Laundry (French – Haute cuisine) and Heston Blumenthal – The Fat Duck (Molecular gastronomy), both restaurant have Three Stars, Michelin Guide. I was lucky enough to work alongside one of Heston Blumenthal’s former chef Flori Johnson-Maisonneuve and also many other professionals where I further enhanced my skills, talent and horizons.

Since 1995 cooking is my sideline. I do fine dining private dinners, cooking workshops, food relating projects, food styling & photography, team-building activities, corporate events and much much more…

My cooking style

Nouvelle cuisine (French, “new cuisine”)

Nouvelle cuisine is a style of cooking that emphasizes the use of fresh ingredients in order to preserve the natural flavours, light sauces, unusual combinations and the delightful presentation of food.

I’d like to know where food is coming from. I am very curious how it is made and thrive to gain deep knowledge and mastering the cooking processes in order to achieve the best possible outcome from ingredients that I have in hand.

I only get basic ingredients and the rest I do from scratch e.g. charcuterie, smoking, preserving, jus, fermentation, sous-vide, sourdoungh….

Professional Licenses & Certifications

  • Chef/Restaurant & Confectionary/Patisserie Licence
  • Food Safety & Hygiene Certificate
  • Health & Safety Officer Licence
  • Fire Prevention Officer Licence
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Lector Certificate

Hobbies & Interests

Sailing [skipper licence], Radio Short Range [licence], Target Shooting [firearms & carry weapon license]

Macro Photography, Food Photography, Motorbiking, Handwork – dressmaking, pattern making (sewing), knitting, renovating old things, homemaking & hands on decorating, a little gardening… and of course always and most of all about food & cooking…

My ‘cooking’ career in a nutshell

1992 – 2000 [SK, CZ & UK]

Cooking career was not considered as a ‘smart’ choice in times when I grew up. After finalizing School of Telecommunications in Banská Bystrica [sk] I realized this is not what would make me happy. I was interested in aesthetic, design and 3D. I continued with my studies at Cambridge [uk] subject Design & Technology. After that I worked for one year alongside a head architect and founder of Atelier Simona, Ing. Arch. Roman Kuba in Ostrava [cz] as presentation designer and model-maker.

This was the cool “Dot-com” boom, and of course, I could not resist going back to Cambridge and work for number of years with internet and new web technologies as Graphic Designer and Front-End Web Developer. View my little graphic work of that time that I have record of.

1995 – 2003 [UK]

During this time, especially in the evenings and weekends, I needed to satisfy my urge for cooking and food. I worked at Chablis-AC, Wine Cellar/Shop, where I organised wine tasting events and cooked private tasting dinners. Here I had the great opportunity to sample and taste wines from all over the word and here I got my thorough education in Wine and Spirits.

After the “Dot-com” bust in the year 2002, day time, I preferred to work at The Larder as Delicatessen Manager in Cambridge under Chef & Sourdough Expert Hilary Cacchio. The Larder was a mecca for best local produce in the area at that time. This was the beginning of organic local produce and Slow Food movement. Many discussions with Hilary opened my eyes about the importance of quality of ingredients.

2003 – 2006 [UK]

Cottesbrooke Hall is a wonderful Queen Anne house/mansion dating from 1702, set in delightful award-winning gardens in rural Northamptonshire. I was overseeing the smooth running of the Hall and Tea Room that was open to public. At privately owned Cottesbrooke Hall I spend most of the time making sure that all is prepared and ready for day-to-day family needs, private events, high-end dinners, hunting and pheasant shooting parties. It is here where I also had the great opportunity to work alongside one of Heston Blumenthal’s former chefs Flori Johnson Maisonneuve. Flori took me under her wings and taught me how to think and cook like a pro and moreover, she revealed the secrets of three Michelin stars restaurants to me. She greatly enhanced my skills and knowledge. [Cottesbrooke Hall website]

2006 – present [SK]

I decided to go back to IT again, but now I extensively utilise my talent and skills in efficiency, organising and people management at enprovia s.r.o. an international software engineering company as Executive Office Manager at HQ Bratislava (SK). [enprovia s.r.o. is a small size company of 10-50 employees]