A unique culinary experience

One-to-One or Small group workshop

Every can cook. Cooking should be fun, relaxing and stress-free.

No prior experience is necessary – just enthusiasm and a desire to cook!

I provide unique workshops to give you a broader level of culinary knowledge. You won’t just learn to make a few dishes. You’ll learn to apply your new knowledge and feel confident using any ingredient, cooking any cuisine and developing your own recipes. By gaining knowledge and confidence, you’ll never have to worry about dinner again. Have a look at my testimonials…

Theme suggestion

  • Life changing healthy cooking
  • More vegetables & salads every day
  • Kids in the kitchen
  • First cooking lesson
  • Cooking for a special event
  • Fine food or Cook like a pro
  • All sweets & chocolate…
  • Bake a cake…
  • Bake a bread – yeast & sourdough
  • Steaks & meat (BBQ)
  • Other e.g. Sous-Vide; Fermentation, Hot-smoking; Curing; Sausage making and many more…

1 up to 2 participants e.g. couple; parent & child, two friends
One full day (min. 8 hours) 500€ per workshop
More then a day – price upon arrangement

Create your own group
3 up to 6 participants e.g. family & friends cooking together
One full day  (min. 8 hours) 250€ per attendee
More then a day – price upon arrangement

Language: English
For your own unique culinary experience do not hesitate to ask me.