Corporate Team-Building Activities

Party that unites teams!

My hands-on corporate cooking team-building activities encourage: group bonding, improving communication, helping with project management and foster camaraderie while whipping up fun in the kitchen! The “a-ha” moment will happen to everyone.

Having over a decade of experience in people management, I have a team-building activities for everyone! I will customise the event to fit your needs.

Here is one example:

Sandwich making competition

Did you know that Dr Mark Hadley, researcher at the University of Warwick’s Department of Physics, has created a mathematical formula for creating the perfect sandwich?

Are you dare to follow his mathematical formula?

And did the formula worked? Well, formula proved to be working very well and resulted in lot of creativity, fun and lot of great sandwiches to eat…

For your own Team-Building Activity do not hesitate to ask me.