How-to cook rice

I noticed that so many people struggle to cook rice. And I read many not very helpful recipes and how-to’s. Even instructions on the rice pack for some unexplainable reason don’t work for me.

Worldwide there are 40,000 varieties of rice…  well, I use only one method that always works and it is so far foolproof. I buy and cook mainly few types of long grain rice with this method – basmati with wild rice, basmati, Thai and jasmine.

Wash or not to wash the rice before cooking?

I do not wash/rinse rice before cooking. Why? Simply, I do not want to loose some of its nutrients.

For 2 person – I use ½ cup per person. If you love larger portions use 1 cup per person.

1 cup rice  long grain
1 ½ cup cold water
1 tbsp neutral oil
1/2 tsp salt

Use ratio of 1 : 1 ½ 
1 part of rice : 1 ½ part of cold water
1 cup of rice and 1 + ½ cup of cold water
2 cups of rice and 3 cups of water

1 tbsp of neutral oil (sunflower oil) – heat up on higher temperature in large enough pan or pot.

Fry the rice for minute or two – mix it gently that all grains are covered with oil.

If you prefer to rinse the rice before cooking – skip this step. Frying rice make the rice not so sticky.

Add cold water (be careful it will spill a bit) then make sure all rice is covered. And ½ tsp of salt. And boil for 1-2 minutes on higher heat without cover.

Do not mix rice after this step.

Lower the heat, cover the pot with the lid completely and cook on VERY LOW HEAT for about 10-15 minutes. This is important as we want to rice to steam. After 10-15 minutes check if rice is cooked. Turn the heat off, keep lid on till you will serve it.

If you cook it on higher temperature the water will evaporate too fast. If you canon lower you heat source – check the rice after 10 min and add more water. Use ration 1:2 when cooking on gas or high heat stoves.


Onion Rice: Chop ½ onion and fry till translucent before adding rice.

Coconut: Use fragrant coconut oil instead of neutral oil.

Spiced rice: Try adding spices such as cinnamon stick or cardamom to the rice at the beginning of cooking for a lovely perfumed flavor. Cumin, coriander seeds works also very lovely.

Note: Cooking times for brown rice will be significantly longer as the rice is less processed.