Martin from Slovakia – Testimonial

I’m really happy that I met Kristina and had the opportunity to taste some of her culinary art. It’s real pleasure to see and to taste what she cooks, ’cause this is the real difference between food and an art. She uses only quality ingredients, and all she does is visually appealing so you get all your senses fed. For example the chocolate cake I had the pleasure to see and eat, was awesome, it’s kind of experience you remember for a long long time. The ingredients she uses are top notch, dark chocolate, consistent, so visually appealing, even remembering it is great.

Also this chicken liver pate she makes, is something so different. If I visit the high end posh restaurants I have to still compare to culinary art Kristina does.

I love the precision and dedication she puts to all what she cooks and the aesthetic of it all, what she does is really artistic and I can’t wait to have some more from her kitchen and I really like to thank her for setting the level for this art so high.
― Martin Kukan (Slovakia)