Why Yagaberry

We have been brainstorming for a project name and “Yagaberry” amongst many was one that I liked. Later the name was free to use as it was not selected for the project. It is a combination of two words ‘yaga’ and ‘berry’. To me it represents a magic or a wise berry.

“Berry” doesn’t need an explanation and “yaga” is a name in Slavic myths for Baba Yaga, an old woman and a supernatural being. I have never perceived Baba Yaga as negative character. To me she was always magical.

This is my tribute to wise women called Yaga that lived long time ago and their names and status were tarnish by invention of evil and witches.

Ref. Origins of Baba-Yaga
In many ancient societies, older women were seen as the keepers of wisdom and tradition for the family or tribe. No longer having to care for children, they became mother to the rest of the community. It was believed that these wise women understood the mysteries of birth and death. They were healers and looked after the dying. Sometimes they were thought to have the power of life and death itself. The word witch once meant wise.

Later, from the 12th century, when people began to believe in the use of magic power for evil, people began to fear and hate these wise women with their potions and advice. Many were put to death and the picture of the wise woman or ‘witch’ changed, to become the frightening, ugly, evil old hag, casting wicked spells, as in the stories today.