Hello & Welcome

My name is Stina and I tend to consider myself a creative, curious and knowledge hungry person. 

Being surrounded by those who believe and bring out the best in me, I am at the crossroads of making a major life changing step. At this point, there is nothing fit to print, but my new journey has slowly begun. Stay tune :)

I am though very proud of my past work and passion for fine food cooking.  It will not simply disappear, it will remain in private circles.  Fine food cooking was my sideline for more then two decades. I truly hope you will find a little inspiration in few of my latest and longest projects.

My Work

A sandwich making competition

Party that unites teams! Having years of experience in people management, I have a created hands-on corporate cooking team-building activities to encourage group bonding, improving communication, helping with project management and foster camaraderie while whipping up fun in the kitchen! One of the example is a sandwich making competition. Did you know that Dr Mark Hadley, researcher …

Let’s connect

Should you have any inquiries do contact me via form bellow or via Facebook.